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Top Affiliate Marketing Sites in the World Part 1

Top Affiliate Marketing Sites in the World : 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways in which you can earn money without any upper limit on the Internet, and you can even achieve very high amounts. So you have to get to know all the affiliate marketing sites because they differ from each other very much.

The most important factor for your selection of the affiliate marketing program that you will deal with is the duration of the cookies, it is very important due to the presence of many affiliate marketing programs in place at this time, so I offer you a complete guide that includes affiliate marketing sites.

1. Amazon Associates : 

The first affiliate program is a program affiliated with the Amazon store as you know it is the first in the world in sales around the world, the Amazon store has many stores and many products of all different types for different categories, so we mention the Amazon Affiliate Marketing store first

Commission Rate: The commission rate depends on the product price
Cookies: different from other sites, it is only 24 hour

2. EBay Partner Network

We choose the second affiliate marketing site, eBay, which is considered one of the best selling and buying platforms in the world, so I never think that if you search for any product on eBay and you will not find it, this never happens. For all societal groups . 

Marketer's commission rate: up to 65%
Cookies: different from other sites, it is only 24 hour

3. Target Affiliates

The third commission marketing site is an alternative site to the Amazon affiliate marketing site. We chose the Affiliate Marketing site for you, it has a lot of products that you can work on

Fourth, our Estee platform is a platform in the beginning that was for crafts, but it developed greatly, and created an affiliate marketing site, you can easily target the customer in an excellent way because the products are easy to choose the customer.

Cookies: 30 days.
Commission rate: Up to 8%

Best VPN Affiliate Programs:

1. Express VPN

This VPN service has been around for a longer period than most other networks, starting in 2009 and now has up to 160 servers spread across 94 different countries, as well as being compatible with all major operating systems, be it Windows, Linux or Mac. ; Express VPN also sells pre-configured VPN routers to customers who want an extra level of security and speed, which is why this VPN is considered the best network currently available on the market and so is their ExpressVPN Affiliate Program, so you can basically trust her. If you want to promote this type of service.

Commission rate: Up to $ 36 per referral .

Cookies: 90 days .

2. Nord VPN 

Nord VPN is considered one of the best programs that give a VPN service, and you can work on it without any final concern, and also the workers on the site added the commission marketing service on the site, which is very special, not only this, but also the commission and cookies

Commission rate: may reach 100% in addition to the recurring 30% rate that we mentioned previously.

Cookies: 30 days.

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